Hosted Checkout (CollectCheckout)

No code checkout solution


Our hosted checkout page is designed to seamlessly integrate into various web-based payment workflows. Our checkout page operates entirely on our secure servers, guaranteeing that your environment remains free from any handling of payment data.

Streamlined Customer Journey

Integrating Hosted Checkout requires a small snippet of JavaScript on your website. This empowers your customers to click a link, button, or image and effortlessly navigate to the checkout page. Once there, they encounter a clear list of products, the total amount due, and a concise form to input their payment details. Upon a successful transaction, customers are redirected back to your site where you can promptly display a receipt for the completed transaction.

Video Tutorial

Hosted Checkout vs. Payment Component

Both, our Hosted Checkout and Payment Component, solutions effectively offload sensitive payment data collection to our secure gateway, alleviating concerns related to handling credit card information.

When considering which solution fits your needs, the deciding factor often revolves around the level of control you seek over the checkout process.

  • The Payment Component gives you full control over the user experience, which means you will need to write all the code for processing transactions, handling errors, and showing receipts.
  • Although the Hosted Checkout gives you less control, it's an easier integration and can shorten your time to market.