Appendix 3 - Receipting

Receipts must be issued after the transaction result is returned. The Payment Device SDK can be used to issue receipts for the last sale or refund transaction completed using either:

  • SMS
  • Email

Receipts sent using SMS or email can be sent either from the mobile device using the returned receipt data or the central servers if enabled via TMS settings.

There are cost implications for sending using the central server so please contact support for further information.

The receipt content has been certified by the schemes and acquirers and its content cannot be modified.

SMS messages sent from the central servers require an international dialing code. If the international dialing code is not provided with the phone number, UK values will be used as default – “+44” as the international dialing code and “0” as the trunk prefix, which will be removed from the phone number when the international dialing code is added. Different default values can be configured for the terminal using a TMS setting, for example, US numbers will use “+1” as the international dialing code followed by a 3-digit area code prefix.