POS Registration

Upon first connection to a device the SDK will generate an identifier for the install of the application. This will be sent to the payment gateway along with details of the selected PIN pad and the API Key and Application Identifier. This information will then be registered on the payment gateway. Should this identifier be lost due to application wipe or re-install this would cause the POS to be re-registered to the payment gateway.

If you haven’t already done so, create your API Key. See section Payment Gateway Account for details.
It may be necessary to configure TMS properties specifically for an integrating application. For this reason, an application identifier must be passed to the Payment Device SDK. If you haven’t already done so, register an application identifier with the Payment Gateway. See section Application Identifier for details.

Configuration Updates

It is a scheme requirement that the PIN pad can be configured and updated remotely. Any changes in the properties or software used by the PIN pad are updated automatically by the SDK when a connection is opened.

The SDK determines whether updates are required and carries out the required updates when connecting to a PIN pad. However it is advised that functionality to perform a manual update is provided in the integrating application.

Two types of updates are carried out:

  • Regular (status) updates. It is a scheme requirement that a terminal can be remotely disabled and these updates ensure the SDK checks the status of the terminal regularly, most commonly required every 24 hours.
  • Terminal (configuration) updates. These updates download the properties for the SDK configured on the TMS servers. It is a scheme requirement that the terminal performs an update at regular intervals, most commonly required every 45 days.

An update can be required for a number of reasons, for example:

  • The maximum number of hours since the last update has passed.
  • The maximum number of days since the last terminal update has passed.
  • The API Key has changed.
  • The selected PIN pad has changed
  • The version of the SDK has changed
  • An update was requested by the gateway during a transaction.
  • The Application Identifier (App ID) has changed