This page describes how to test API requests.


Never Use Real Data

Never use real credit card or bank account information when testing.
The gateway provides several methods for testing transactions without sending any data to the credit card or ACH processor.

Method 1: Put your account in test mode

Transactions can be submitted to any merchant account that is in test mode. Keep in mind that if an account is in test mode, all valid credit cards will be approved but no charges will actually be processed and nothing will be sent to the credit card or ACH processor.

Method 2: Send in a one-off test transaction

One-off test transactions can be processed using the below test_mode variable. This will process this singular transaction in test mode, but it will not impact anything else on the account. An example use case would be running test transactions in a developent environment while your website is actively processing real transactions from customers.

test_mode: If set to "enabled" and providing one of the test credit card numbers listed below with "1025" as the expiration date, the single transaction will process in test mode. To see this transaction in reporting, you will need to toggle your account to test mode, but the Payment API testing can be done without doing this.

Method 3: Dedicated test account

The Payment Gateway Demo Account can be used for testing at any time. Please use the below security key for testing with this account. This account is always available and allows testing in a completely sandboxed environment. Like all testing methods, no card or check data will ever be sent for actual processing.

security_key = 6457Thfj624V5r7WUwc5v6a68Zsd6YEm

Test Data

Transactions can be submitted using the following information:

Card TypeNumber
American Express341111111111111
Diner's Club30205252489926
Other DetailsValue
Credit Card Expiration10/25
Account (ACH)123123123
Routing (ACH)123123123

Triggering Errors in Test Mode

To cause a declined message, pass an amount less than 1.00.

To trigger a fatal error message, pass an invalid card number.

To simulate an AVS match, pass 888 in the address1 field, 77777 for zip.

To simulate a CVV match, pass 999 in the cvv field.