The “cash processor” provides the same basic functionality as a credit card or check processor, but simply documents transactions instead of “authorizing” them though a payment processor. This means that requests directed to the “cash processor” don’t require any bank account or credit card information.

Cash processors have several simplifications compared to credit card and electronic check processors when they are configured. Cash processors:

  • Do not support duplicate checking.
  • Do not support monthly or per-transaction limits.
  • Do not support any “processor information” fields or merchant category codes.

For the merchant, the cash processor has certain interface differences from other processors:

  • Only sale, refund and credit transactions are available on cash processors.
  • Cash transactions can not be saved to the Customer Vault since there is no sensitive information in the transaction information.
  • Recurring does not support cash as a payment method for subscriptions.
  • Invoicing only supports cash payments when manually charging an invoice in the merchant control panel. Customers will not be able to select cash when paying through the payment link they are emailed.