Never Use Real API Keys

Never use real API Keys when testing. The gateway allows Partners to create Test Merchant Accounts. Testing should always use keys from the Test Accounts and never keys from a Standard Account.

Adding the Processor This request submits the processor details for a specific merchant.
Add Value-Added Services Value-added services (like Customer Vault) are added the same way as card/check processors, but they are far simpler requests.

Each VAS should be added in its own request, so if you wanted to make Customer Vault active, Invoicing active, and Mobile Payments offered, that would be 3 API requests to the /api/v4/processors endpoint.

Request to Make Service Active

All fields are required, and it’s the status variable that’s telling this to be active right away. The serviceId value can be acquired using the /api/v4/services/search documented here.

As seen in the response, value-added services are technically “processors” so they return many values that you also see when adding a credit card processor, but most of this is not useful info for VAS. Important values here include:

  • id is the unique identifier for this instance of the service
  • serviceId is the code name for the service
  • status will show “pending” until the merchant agrees to the fees/TOS, then it will be “active”
  • condition will always be “offered” even after the merchant signs up

Request to Make Service Offered

The only real difference is that in the response the status is now “inactive”.

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