Never Use Real API Keys

Never use real API Keys when testing. The gateway allows Partners to create Test Merchant Accounts. Testing should always use keys from the Test Accounts and never keys from a Standard Account.

Assign a Fee Schedule to the Merchant

This can be done when creating the merchant in the first place (1. Create a Merchant) but you can also add it whenever you’d like using the request below.

Assign Fee Schedule Request

Please note this is a PATCH request. Attempting a POST will result in an error.

As noted above, the costPlan value can be passed in the initial merchant boarding step if you know what it will be at that point.

Complete & Send the Welcome Email

This request will complete the merchant creation and send the welcome email to the merchant. activatePendingServices is optional, and is the equivalent of checking the “activate pending services immediately” box in the partner portal.

Complete and Send Welcome Email Request

This is a PATCH request, not a POST.

activatePendingServices is optional and defaults to false.

Note - agreementTextId is based on the agreement that is needed to be agreed to. You can pull the correct agreement language with a /merchants/{id}/agreement_text request. This will return the id and language that you are agreeing to.

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